Welcome to the Center for Marine Studies

We are a Honduran, non-governmental organization dedicated to applied science on coastal-marine ecosystems. Founded initially on the island of Utila in 2006, the CEM has grown and expanded its study area along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Honduras. We also work under regional approaches with the Mesoamerican Reef System and the Gulf of Fonseca.

We combine applied ecological research with socioeconomic studies, with the interest of providing scientific information that supports the development of proactive management strategies for the sustainable use of marine-coastal resources.

With our research we also create innovative management tools and with that, we work regularly in collaboration with scientists and institutions around the world. We believe that by creating a knowledge bridge between applied research and local knowledge, CEM can highlight priorities for conservation, identify management requirements and find solutions to mitigate local and regional threats to sustainability. By doing this, academic science can be understood and used by the very people who depend on the integrity of the coastal ecosystems in which they live.

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