Fisher's Registry System, where the small ones count big time!

The artisanal fishing sector has been virtually invisible in national statistics. These fishermen are many and are largely scattered through numerous villages. Until recently, authorities simply did not have the necessary tools to document them. In 2013, the Fisheries Department partnered with the CEM to develop an affordable and reliable system that would allow them to increase their knowledge of the demography of this fishing sector. From then on, a system called the General Fishermen's Registry (RGP) began, consisting of mobile registration stations equipped with a computer, a camera and a plastic card printer. Fishermen are summoned annually by the authorities to register at local community points. Here, their basic data is electronically channeled to the Fisheries Department in real time. Before the RGP, the official records were counted in dozens, now they are counted in thousands. By the end of 2017, the RGP reported on more than 5,000 people. Thanks to the RGP, the Honduran fisheries authorities now recognize and understand the importance of the artisanal fishing sector.


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